Thursday, September 6, 2018

Stempleman, Huckins, Johnson, and Clark

We're back from summer vacation! Join us in the basement for poetry + community + cold drinks. This month we're featuring KC poet and Taproom favorite Jordan Stempleman, as well three poets from Nebraska's merrily merrily merrily press, Amanda Huckins, Bernadette Johnson, and press editor/publisher Paul Hanson Clark. As usual we'll kick things off with our community open mic, so bring a poem to share.

Jordan Stempleman is the author of nine collections of poetry including the forthcoming Cover Songs Cover Songs Cover Songs Off Days (Magic Helicopter Press, 2019), Wallop (Magic Helicopter Press, 2015), and No, Not Today (Magic Helicopter Press, 2011). He co-edits The Continental Review, is the faculty advisor for the literary magazine Sprung Formal, curates A Common Sense Reading Series, and is an assistant professor in the School of Liberal Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Amanda Huckins is holding contradictory convictions, one in each hand. Besides that, she writes, prints, learns, organizes, teaches very young children, and eats fruit off of trees with her love in Omaha, Nebraska. Her poetry booklet "Trying To End The War" is out on merrily merrily merrily merrily (2018).

Bernadette Johnson is a poet and artist from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Paul Hanson Clark is a poet living in NEBRASKA. He just wrapped his MFA at Regis University and has begun work on his newest creative project... merrily merrily merrily merrily + has been spending a lot of time lately making mixtapes.