Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paul Foster Johnson & Justin Runge: February 19th

Paul Foster Johnson & Justin Runge   
+open mic
5pm Sunday February 19th

Paul Foster Johnson is the author of Study in Pavilions and Safe Rooms (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, 2011) and Refrains/Unworkings (Apostrophe Books, 2008). With E. Tracy Grinnell, he is the author of the g-o-n-g press chapbook Quadriga. His poems have appeared in Jacket, The Awl, Cannot Exist, GAM, EOAGH, Fence, and Octopus. He has served as a curator of the Experiments and Disorders reading series at Dixon Place and as an editor at Litmus Press/Aufgabe. Currently he lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and is the editor of The Poetry Project Newsletter 

Justin Runge is a writer and designer currently living in Lawrence, Kansas, where he edits Blue Hour Press and servers as designer for Parcel. Poems of his can be found in DIAGRAM, Linebreak, Harpur Palate, and elsewhere. He can be found at

Photos from the reading